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The Official Homepage and Fan Club of the one and only black singing cowboy,

Herb Jeffries: The Bronze Buckaroo,

and the cowboys of all races who contributed to the growth, prosperity, and history of this great country of ours!

The Legendary Herb Jeffries

Picture Courtesy of Ed Phillips and Joe Konnyu

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"The Bronze Buckaroo" and "D.W. Wayne"

This picture was taken on March 9,1996 in the "green room" of the Wells Fargo Theatre after a concert featuring Herb Jeffries. He is 84 years "vintage" in this picture. The Wells Fargo Theatre is located on the grounds of the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles, California and was the sight where a "wannabe" crossed paths, by the grace of Almighty God, with a "Living Legend". Herb and myself have been "Spirit Brothers" ever since we got to meet each other after the concert. Herb said to me that "a spirit brother is some one who is even more special than a blood brother in that you don't get a say so in choosing your blood brothers. You do have a choice in choosing people that become a "Spirit Brother". These individuals really touch your spirit when you come in contact with them and a bond is created without saying a word and without even a touch from one another. And when you really enjoy, as I do, watching some one like Herb Jeffries do what he does best, then the statement he made to me really does say it all. Those of us in attendance that night were really into what Herb Jeffries was "layin' on us"! Through the enthusiasm that we showed while watching Herb at his craft, the adrenaline flow that was generated caused Herb and the rest of us to reach new levels. If not but for just a moment, "The Spirit" between us reached a common ground of understanding, appreciation, a geniune love and respect for one another. In my heart and mind there was a bond created of inspiration and mutual respect that I know will endure through the ages as I recall that memoriable night when fate allowed paths to cross between a legend like Herb Jeffries: "The Bronze Buckaroo" and a "wannabe" like me... Dwayne Towns,
aka " D.W. Wayne".

This page is dedicated to Herb Jeffries:"The Bronze Buckaroo", and reflects his commitment as a person and as an entertainer to preserve the legacy. It is also a living, breathing documentation of "D.W. Wayne " aka Dwayne Towns. It chronicles his commitment to educate the world regarding the roles of the African American Cowboys, Anglo Cowboys, and Mexican Vaqueros in shaping the Great American West.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at dwaynetowns@comcast.net

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