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"The Bronze Buckaroo" Collection Satin Jacket.

Your jacket will be custom embroidered with your name in bronze colored thread on the left front side of the jacket. The right front side will feature The Bronze Buckaroo Rope Cowboy,which will also be embroidered in bronze colored thread. The back of the jacket will feature "The Bronze Buckaroo" himself as he appeared on the poster from the movie "The Bronze Buckaroo" ". The emblem will be embroidered into the jacket using full colored thread with over 3718 stitches, giving it the same beautiful colors as they appear on the movie poster. The jackets themselves are gold satin with two rows or white trim around the collar and cuffs and are a must for the serious Herb Jeffries fan and memoribilia collector.

Please specify S,M,L,or XL when ordering using the address at the bottom of this page.

Sorry!....This item is no longer available.

""The Bronze Buckaroo"Collection Movie Poster Watch Set.

These are handsome time pieces and each features a stylish watch band and gold electro plated watch body. The face of each watch will feature one of Herb Jeffries' cowboy movie posters as the background. There will be four in the series to choose from with "The Bronze Buckaroo" being offered first and then "Harlem On The Prarie","Harlem Rides the Range,and "Two Gun Man From Harlem" to follow the first release at a future date.

Sorry!....This item is no longer available.

"The Bronze Buckaroo"Collection
Herb Jeffries,"The Bronze Buckaroo Rides Again" CD and Cassettes

This CD is simply awesome! Herb Jeffries blends his unique style of jazz and country/western music to create a sound that has to be heard to be appreciated. This CD is one of his first from Warner Western and is available now for your listening pleasure. It also features other artist such as Take Six,Micheal Martin Murphy,The Mills Brothers,and Hal Linden from "Barney Miller" fame playing clarinet. Order your copy today!

Price.................CD $18.50 Includes S&H
Price........Cassettes $9.50 Includes S&H

"The Bronze Buckaroo"Collection Movie Poster Sets

These posters are simply awesome!! Vivid color posters reprinted from originals and suitable for framing. Each poster measures 24x36 on high quality paper and can be purchased as a set (special limited edition) or individually(The Bronze Buckaroo only in this first release).

"The Bronze Buckaroo" (Unsigned).......No Longer Available

"Harlem Rides the Range"(Unsigned).........No Longer Available

"Harlem On the Prairie"(Unsigned)..........No Longer Available

"Two Gun Man from Harlem"(Unsigned).......No Longer Available

"The Bronze Buckaroo" Collection Cowboy Movie Set.

The movies that started it all and established Herb Jeffries as the "One and Only Singing Cowboy Of Color!". These movies are a must for any collector of western memoribilia and also for anyone interested in the history of Black Cinema. There are three movies available at this time...."Harlem Rides The Range,"Two Gun Man From Harlem",and "The Bronze Buckaroo". The movie "Harlem On The Prairie" is not available because no surviving copies have ever been found,but when they are we will be offering it to you at a special low price.

Price..........................$25.00 each
Includes S&H

Note: If you know of Universities,Collectors,or of any individuals that have a copy of "Harlem On The Prairie" that is in good condition,please send e-mail

"The Bronze Buckaroo" Collection Cowboy Hat.

Each hat will be custom made to fit the individual ordering one. This high quality collectors item is a cream color and is an exact replica of the hat worn by Herb Jeffries in his movie "The Bronze Buckaroo". This hat will have a 6 inch crown and a 5 inch pencil rolled brim with the crown creased to match the original hat. Your custom made cowboy hat will feature the phrase,"Custom made for "your name here", on the inside browband of your hat. Please specify how you would like your name to appear in your hat and also be sure to specify your hat size in inches by using the measurement chart below.

Sorry!....This item is no longer available.

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