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A Look at Black Cowboys and the Contributions of African-Americans to the Expansion of the American West

Price: $1000.00

Tired and frustrated with being slaves, this presentation tells the story of those who ran westward to become contributors to the history of America’s “Wild, Wild West”!

Presentation:  “The History of the Black West”

Price: $1000.00

In this presentation, the participants are treated to stories about the cowboys’ life on the ranch and on the trail.  They are given opportunities to discover and explore the equipment and gear used by cowboys.

Presentation:  “The Cowboy:  His Work, Equipment & Life”

Price: $1000.00

Participants will explore the different events of the rodeo.  They will participate in simulated rodeo activities and view video clips of the different events. 

Presentation:  “Rodeo Time”

Price: $1500.00

Participants will be given a demonstration of training and showing a horse.  Examples will be shown of ground training, round penning, suppling and many other equestrian maneuvers. 

Presentation:  “The Fine Art of Horsemanship”

Price: $2500.00

The sport of Mounted Shooting is demonstrated as the rider displays horsemanship, accuracy and speed as he rides through a designated course shooting balloons with black powder blanks.

Demonstration:  “Mounted Shooting”

Price: $50.00 each

Price:  $10.00 each

Student Resource Workbooks - Great follow up to each presentation with additional activities, tasks and resources.  Great for classroom work.


Teacher Resource Guides - Excellent guide to additional resources, materials, activities and follow up strategies to enhance and expand on the presentations.

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