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 A A Look at Black Cowboys and the Contributions of African-Americans to the Expansion of the American West


“We Went West, Too” is an innovative and comprehensive program that utilizes a series of presentations to incorporate hands-on, interactive approach to learning forgotten aspects of American history.  This curriculum is focused to the intermediate (4th - 5th) and middle school (6th - 8th) grades.


The students are able to touch, feel and handle actual cowboy equipment - ropes, chaps, spurs, saddles, etc.  There is direct interaction with real cowboys & cowgirls with multiple opportunities to ask questions.


Program Goals


· To educate, inform and enlighten all people on the contributions made by African Americans in the expansion of the American West.


· To provide a sense of pride and build self esteem in minority children by providing them with accurate depictions of their contributions to the history of America.


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