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Working together to make positive things happen!

About Us

IronHorseman Consulting is comprised of a group of dedicated and professional educators who have over 90 years of combined  educational experience.  They are innovative in their approach to engaging and motivating students to reach their maximum potential.  They are understanding but relentless in assisting current teachers and leaders in finding and reclaiming their passion for giving their best to the young people entrusted to them.


Strategies and ideas that support Best Practices and Effective Teaching are the foundation of the professional development presented to teachers and administrators.  Making learning fun and meaningful but challenging is what constantly drives the professionals of IronHorseman to develop new and engaging concepts and strategies.


The professionals of IronHorseman Consulting work together, along with the faculty and staffs of their contracted schools, to analyze data, assess the current teaching practices and identify the gaps in learning  to develop effective plans of action that improve student achievement.



“Leading the way, making a positive difference”

IronHorseman Consulting