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“Leading the way, making a positive difference”

Getting Extraordinary Results with a Real World Perspective

Text Box: Our purpose is to  provide quality and effective professional services to meet the needs of today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.



             Educational Consulting

School Improvement

Teacher/Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership (School Level & District Level)

Curriculum Design

Bridging School & Home

Test Prep Strategies for Parents



                          Effective Strategies (K-5; 6-8)

Real World Math

Building Math Literacy



             Finding Science in Every Day Life

             Hands On Demonstration Lessons

             Classroom Science Centers

             Easy Experiments in the Classroom


Management Strategies

Organizing Your Organization

Time Management:  Effective Laziness

How to Work with What You’ve Got

Effective Classroom Management



Additional Resources

Differentiated Instruction:

    - Strategies & Examples

    - Making It Work in the Classroom

PBL (Project Based Learning) Training

CBU’s (Concept Based Units) Training

Themes & Related Activities

     - Backwards Planning

     - Rubrics

     - Performance Assessments

Teaching & Reaching the Real World


Motivational Speaking

Reaching for Excellence

Finding & Maintaining Your Fire

What’s Your Passion?

Team Building & Improving Morale

Reducing Teacher Apathy & Anxiety



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P. O. Box 1718
Pine Lake, GA  30072-1718

Our professional services cover a vast array of needs:

IronHorseman Consulting